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Opensourcing something.. and a bunch of other problematic stuff.

Posted by linuxhappy on December 23, 2009

Gah. What do you get for staying up to work every night from 9pm-3am working on personal open source side projects? You get a bunch of political bull shit from your employer that tells you no, you’re not allowed to open source something that you’ve developed with your own time, your own equipment, and own personal investment… Potentially it can give an advantage to our competitors… Which, in my view, is ridiculous since I believe that the community grown from these projects is far more valuable than the product/feature that is actually being produced.

Why did I decide to work for my current employer? Cause I thought they’d enable me to make a difference in this world. That didn’t pan out so well. After working there for 6 years, I’ve come to realized that all of the technology I’ve developed for them was just for “show” and that (these particular) execs don’t understand technology, and don’t know how to pull the trigger and make deals.

Why did I decide to turn to open source? I thought I’d be able to help others (as others have helped me) and contribute something back into the open source community.

So what happens now?…. This is definitely not going to stop me from innovating on the side. Code is my form of freedom of speech and well… they can’t take my voice away from me. I like coding, and I like to help people. I want the products that I make to actually mean something. I want them to be used. It gives me sense of self accomplishment. Otherwise, I might as well stay home and read comics all day.

Anyways, not being “allowed” to open source something, or even share it with a community is a huge loss in my opinion. Is it enough to quit my job?.. time will tell.


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home/end button on my macbook pro

Posted by linuxhappy on December 11, 2009

Heh. took me a while to figure this out.. maybe (MOST DEFINETLY) cause i’m super slow. but… anyways.. if you’re looking for the home or end key on on your mac book pro.. try

Control + a (home)
Control + e (end)

works inside the terminal and in carbon emacs.

(I was previously using command up and command down.. etc..etc.. ugh… no )

one good thing about this i suppose.. is since i’m having to re-map the motor skills in my brain, i can apply this newly developed motor skill to emacs on linux.. .. and now that i think about it… i think it might actually be faster to for my left hand to type Control+a (and Control+e) versus than having my right hand get lifted up to press the home (or end) button.. w00t.

.. yes. I believe that fast coding is important. i can’t stand pair programming with people who type with two fingers (no offense to my awesome co-workers who actually do this :P).

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