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My thoughts on iWork

Posted by linuxhappy on October 7, 2009

Update: 12/14/09
Okay. I figured out that Keynote is actually semi-okay… only because.. AND ONLY because I can put on presentations controlled by my iPhone. What’s even better is that I can create an ad-hoc wifi network from my laptop, and then connect to it with my iphone and then put on my presentation.. pretty slick!

Yes. I bought a Mac. It’s always good to explore things beyond your comfort zone, unless that thing is iWork. It was sold to me as “what you need to do word processing and stuff like that”. Well. Okay, you could use iWork, but wouldn’t it be easier to smash your hand with a hammer? Okay… all kidding aside, I’m sorry, the product doesn’t do it for me. Don’t waste your money– Open Office is way better, and.. it’s free. Microsoft Office would be nice on my Mac, but I’m not willing to shell out the cash for that.


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