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Phillips DVP 5992 + Western Digital Elite 320 GB

Posted by linuxhappy on February 28, 2009

I recently went to Costco and bought a DVP 5992 dvd player.. It’s got a USB 2.0 plug on there, so i was thinking.. awesome! I can hook up my external harddrive to the port and play all of my pictures/videos/mp3’s! right?! .. wrong..

I plugged in my Western Digital Elite 320 Gb drive.. and  the dvd player didn’t do anything but freeze.  Hmm i thought.. try it again!! . Hmm didn’t work!

So what went wrong.. after  searching the net.. Everyone says.. YOU NEED TO FORMAT IT WITH A FAT32 PArtition!!.. okay.. i know fdisk.. no prob.. I destroyed the fat32 partition that was already on there.. created a new one.. used mkdosfs to put another filesystem on there.. Same issue.. OKay so lets make a fat32 partition with only 4 gigs.. and put another filesystem on there.. NOPE!.. so that means it’s not a filesystem/size issue..

I did some more searching and I found out that the western digital drive requires about 650 mA, while the phillips dvd player only puts out 500 mA.  Shoot.. Okay.  Probably a power thing.. Even though i hear the drive spin up when attaching the drive to the dvd player..
Solution 1.. (Failed) So I thought I’d hook up a USB 2.0 Powered hub to the dvd player and then the harddrive to the usb hub.. Nope.. the dvd player says.. something like “USB hub not supported”

Solution2.. (going to try it tomorrow).  Buy a USB Y cable (one that allows you to give “Extra” power to the device.  Stick the data side into the dvd player, and stick the other cable into  a usb powered hub!  I hope this works, or that dvd player is going straight back to costco.. and you know how costco LOVES returns :D.

Solution3 : (Avoiding like the plague) the last resort.. buy one of those “not so portable” external 3.5 inch drives with an AC power plug.. this is most unattractive since i’d like to use this drive “on the go” and plug and un plug it wherever i go.


Solution2 failed… I don’t think the WD 320 is compatible… I tried the Y cable.. and it continues to lock up the DVD player..

My final solution was to purchase another brand of a USB portable harddrive (SimpleTech 250Gb drive).. To get it working, I had to use fdisk/mkfs.msdos.   Unfortunately the phillips player can’t power the drive.. and the use of the USB Y connector is needed.. sooo I got my unused Asus WL-500 router.. plugged the “USB” power cable into the router, and the other into the USB port of the DVD player… not that sexy.. but. hey.. it works and i can watch movies… hooray.


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