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Quick thoughts on Ubuntu 8.10

Posted by linuxhappy on October 31, 2008

Comming from Ubuntu 7.10, I installed Ubuntu 8.10 today.  (you can safely ignore that last post I made).  A couple things that I’m happy to see inside of Ubuntu 8.10:

Installation. Probably one of the things that most people take for granted.. but.. wow. what a breeze (as always).

Nvidia binary drivers that are actually up to date-  In Ubuntu 7.10, I used Alberto Milone’s to get the latests and greatest binary-only nvidia drivers.  It seems that Alberto is now a maintainer for Ubuntu’s Nvidia’s driver packages.. So i’m hoping that all the latest and greatest drivers will just be integrated into Ubuntu.  This is really cool since using Envy gave me some issues with turning on/off compiz.

DKMS – Dynamic Kernel module support – this is going to be cool to see what happens when nvidia, and the virutal box guys start releasing updates to their kernel modules.. hopefully things will go smoother than before.

Firefox-3… Wow. this version of firefox3 makes the firefox 3 beta version that came with 8.04 look like internet explorer 4.0.

The only thing that still doesn’t work is suspend… I think it has to do something with my laptop as I guess others have gotten suspend to work on a toshiba tecra A9. too bad for me.. i guess it’s time to upgrade the laptop.


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