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Installing Ubuntu 8.10 on my Toshiba Tecra A9

Posted by linuxhappy on October 30, 2008

Update: Turns out i guess my CD was bad… It’s weird that I can put the “broken” CD into another computer and do a ‘Verify CD for defects” and have it pass all the tests.. Ohwell.. I burned another copy, and everything seems a-ok.

So, I installed the Ubuntu 8.10 Release Candidate last week, and I’ve been doing some minor testing with it.. Looks like suspend still doesn’t work.. Too bad. But okay.. Ubuntu 8.10 (final) was released today, and since I’m home sick with a disgusting cold, why not!?  OK.. Lets download and install
Crap! Booting up Ubuntu 8.10 final, I’m noticing that I get kicked into a Busybox v 1.10.2 prompt looking something like this:

Loading, please wait…

BusyBox v.1.10.2 (Ubuntu 1:1.10.2-1ubuntu6) built-in shell(ash)
Enter ‘help’ for a list of built-in commands

I get this prompt if I try installing ubuntu, or trying to run ubuntu without making anymods to the system.  I even tried checking the cd’s integrity.. and still, i get thrown into this prompt..

If i let the system sit there for a while, I get these messages: ( that seem to be coming from some sort  of kernel):

[ 69.401037] end_request: I/O error, dev sr0, sector 1431184
[ 69.401110] Buffer I/O error on devie sr0, logical block 178898

Strange thing is.. that if i put the cd into my other computer, and run an integrity check, the CD is a-ok!.. soo did something happen between the Release candidate and the Final CD where the installer no longer recognizes my cd-rom drive?   Maybe my cd-rom drive is busted.. but.. hmm i can load up my old operating system and still use the cd-rom..   Strange. I guess I’ll start googling around.. perhaps others are having this issue as well?  I’d hate to post something on launchpad, and have it turn out being a problem on my side…


9 Responses to “Installing Ubuntu 8.10 on my Toshiba Tecra A9”

  1. gurz said

    I got the same problem at the same sector/logical block. I already wasted 7 CDs but it just doesn’t go away.

  2. linuxhappy said

    Wow! Okay great! I’m not alone, nor am I going crazy.. What software are you burning the ISO with? When I created the “bad” cd, I used Brasero from Ubuntu 8.10 Release Candidate. I was thinking there was a remote chance that the burning software might be the problem, so I booted up my old Ubuntu 7.10 Harddisk, and burned the disk with k3b.. Sure enough K3b did the trick.. Perhaps there are some settings I missed when burning with brasero?

  3. FrAnK-O said

    I have the same problem 😦

  4. FrAnK-O said

    I burn it with Nero on Windows

  5. PrivateVoid said

    Is your CD/DVD on a SATA channel? If so that could be the issue.

  6. arcnewuss said

    I have the same issue booting from usb.

  7. lost_and_unfound said

    I had the same problem, tried everything, started to change CD ROMS (LG CDR/CDRW – Samsung CDRW) / DVD ROMS / cables / IDE ports. Boot from CD to live system / Boot from CD to install. Every thing you can think of … up to the point i just sat and looked at it in frustration. It helped. After about 10 min it kept going on with the error, slowly but surely it started to continue with booting up to the stage where it was in the live system.

    I started the installation and it went fine from there… I have not checked my dmesg yet.

  8. fog said

    Had the same issue while trying to run Ubuntu 9.04 from USB. It seems BusyBox is some tiny OS accepting commands. Try typing help and you get a list of commands. However I have no idea how to use BusyBox.

    • linuxhappy said

      This was a problem for me.. but.. eventually. I think the problem came down to the fact that there were some sectors on the CD that got screwed up… Perhaps try burning your CD on another computer?

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