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Fullscreen performance with flashplugin-nonfree on Ubuntu 7.10 vs Virtualbox + Windows XP

Posted by linuxhappy on April 18, 2008

Something I’ve always hated about my Linux laptop is that I’m not able to stream youtube full screen, or even Veoh movies full screen. Don’t get me wrong, it functionally works, but when it looks like 5 frames per second, it just doesn’t cut it for me. I’ve upgraded to the latest binary version of my video drivers, and installed all the latest updates… no change on crappy performance on full screen flash videos. ok..

I searched the internet and didn’t see any real solutions. So what’s my solution?

Since I’m running Ubuntu, Package management is real easy.

1. Install virtual box, with windows XP.
2. Install the guest additions for virtual box.
3. Install Firefox ontop of windows.
4. Install the flash player on Firefox for windows.
5. Full screen your virtual box (Right ctrl +f)
6. Go to youtube and view a flash video full screen 😀 and view it as if you were running native windows.

What does this mean? Theoretically, this means the code in the Flash-nonfree-plugin was implemented so poorly that it’s worst than doing a hardware emulation for an entire computer AND running Windows XP.. Wait.. is this right? Maybe I should right an equation:

Ubuntu + binary nvidia driver+ Ubuntu Firefox + flash-nonfree-plugin = estimated 5 frames per second full screen flash (unwatchable)
Ubuntu + binary nvidia driver + Virtual box + Virtual box guest additions + Windows XP OS + Windows Firefox + real version of flash = estimated 25 frames per second (as if i were running windows on native hw)

I guess I could continue the algebra, and solve for which is worst, but I think you get the idea… Okay.. so does this mean that Adobe guys have some sort of incentive not to support full screen Linux? Because honestly, that’s really sad that running an entire Windows OS + emulating an entire computer yields with better performance than an Application running natively on Ubuntu. Another way of saying this *might* be is that the number of CPU instructions in the flash-nonfree-plugin in far higher than the Windows kernel plus virtual box. Yes? no? anyone agree or disagree? Ohwell, time to watch full screen youtube 😀


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