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Success: QEMU connex with two ethernet ports

Posted by linuxhappy on January 8, 2008

Ever since I’ve been using virtual box to virtualize windows on Ubuntu, I’ve been really curious about the internals of hardware emulation. I took a quick peek into the QEMU stuff and was surprised to find that someone had tried to emulate a Gumstix Connex board on QEMU. Having one of these development boards handy, I figure I dig in take it for a test drive.

Turns out that the latest version of software only supported only one Ethernet port… This is different than my hardware configuration, where I have two Ethernet ports (netDuo-mmc). Well anyways, long story short, I dug into some code and matched it up with the hardware and found a way to get two ethernet ports working in a pretty short amount of time.

Next thing on my plate is that I want the MMC slot properly emulated.. I can’t seem to get that working quite right. If anyone out there has some hints, pass them along please!


3 Responses to “Success: QEMU connex with two ethernet ports”

  1. Giuliano said

    Have solved out? Did you succed in emulating MMC slot? I’m haveng the same troubles and I’m really getting crazy….


    • linuxhappy said

      Sorry Giuliano, I haven’t looked at QEMU for a long time… I’m off working on other things at the moment 🙂

  2. Giuliano said

    uhh thank you for your reply 🙂

    if i’ll ever succeed i’ll post the solution somewhere, because it seems to be not so obvious.


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