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A todo list:

Posted by linuxhappy on December 27, 2007

1.  Booting Ubuntu 7.10 with eth0 configured with DHCP, with LAN cable unplugged seems to time out after 5-10 seconds.  Why is it that when I setup my laptop with a bridge ( br0 ) with DHCP, with the LAN cable unplugged, it takes WAY longer to time out.  I’ve got two devices  (eth0 and tap1) on the bridge.. there doesn’t seem to be any logical reason for the slow down on a bridge versus a real Ethernet device?  Perhaps, I need to disable STP?

2.  Turn the ASUS WL-500g into a bootable wireless bridge… Modify the frontend web service to have a selectable menu which wireless connection to be a bridge to.

3.  Find a Sub-250 dollar replacement for an xbox media center…
– (Hopefully) without buying a xbox ;]
-with dvd backup capability (dvd -> xvid & ac3)
-with web browsing
-with a remote
-TV out capability (HD not a requirement)
-easy to use/navigate

4.  Do something cool with Eclipse RCP.


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