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Failure: Mythbuntu 7.10

Posted by linuxhappy on December 23, 2007

Aha. Failure today 😀

Running Ubuntu 7.10 last night, I got my MCEUSB2 Remote workin on my laptop with out running into to many problems, so I got the urge to load up myth tv and see if I could come up with a relatively fast way to replace my modded xbox that’s on it’s last leg.

Xbox media center is great, it’s just that my cdrom is dying and I need a way to play dvd’s without too much pain.  I figure I turn to Myth Tv since it seemed like a package that would play a boat load of xvid content.

First approach:.. Hmm lets load Ubuntu 7.10 and load up myth tv…. Hmmm researching on the web.. looks like they’re some distros that do myth tv really well…. (bailed)

Second approach: lets try Mythbuntu and completely ignore reading all the manuals and documentation.  I”ve got an old box with a Viper v770 ( riva tnt2? hahaha) with an svideo out (no tv card), and a P4 1.4 ghz with rambus… lol. yes it’s my trash machine.

Install was okay, except with 16 steps of configuring hardware that I obviously don’t have.  Also the fact that it expected I run some type of back end.. yadda yadda yadda..

okay all I want is to be able to play xvid, dvix, juke box, ummm and rip dvd’s to xvid/mp3… didn’t really help me do this.

Ok. finished the install, rebooted.. video came up saying that I was in low resolution mode.. and i said okay.. blank screened for 5 minutes ugh..  I think I need to re-think the concept.. maybe MythTV is overkill for what I want.  All I’m lookin for is a replacement for xbox media player… I’ll keep searchin.


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